What About Podcasts?

Yesterday I wrote about how I am planning to drastically cut back on the media I consume. One type of media I neglected to mention is podcasts.

I have listened to podcasts off and on in the past, but I don't listen to them with any regularity. As with any other kind of media, the quality and content can vary from educational and inspiring on one end to mind-numbing garbage on the other. Most of the podcasts I have listened to in the past have been produced by my church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – although I have listened to and enjoyed others.

I will treat podcasts the same as I will treat television: two hours or less per week for podcasts intended to entertain or distract, no time limits on clearly educational or religious podcasts.

Also, I don't listen to or watch overtly political content at all. It has become too toxic and contentious.

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