The Cold Months

I've been living in northern Utah for nearly 10 years, but I'm a native of Phoenix, Arizona. Despite the gorgeous colors, I have come to dread Fall because it means that months of bitter cold are ahead.

During those months, most of the time my hands and feet are always cold. I guess I have poor circulation or not enough insulation (fat) there. I wear slippers around the house and hoodies with front pockets to warm my hands.

I usually have to use a little space heater for a bit to warm up my home office in the morning. And sometimes again in the afternoon. Being on the north end of the house, it tends to be colder than other areas this time of year. Sometimes, if I just can't seem to warm up my hands or feet, I'll also heat up a rice bag.

My wife, on the other hand, loves the cold and looks forward to this time of year. During the summer she's pretty miserable and feels like she can never get cool enough. So I guess we balance each other out in that way. And I guess it's good that we live in an area with four distinct seasons, so we each have something to look forward to.


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