No Longer Hosting my Own Mastodon Instance

I've decided to end the experiment I started a month ago and stop running my own Mastodon instance.

It's obvious my relationship with social media is not a healthy one. And it likely never will be. So it doesn't make sense for me to run and administrate a Mastodon instance, which would obligate me to be on social media when I should be taking a break – or stepping away for good.

I had high hopes for, and would still love for there to be a supportive, safe, faith-affirming space for members of my church to have a social media experience. But I am not the one to make that happen. Besides, the level of interest even among close associates who supported the idea was lackluster to begin with, and actual engagement on my Mastodon instance itself was practically nonexistent.

I have migrated my personal Mastodon account back to Fosstodon, where I have felt the most at-home on the Fediverse.

I have learned a lot from this experience and I don't regret it.

I don't feel like explaining all I have learned in intricate detail, but I'll sum it up by saying I have gained an even greater appreciation for everyone who has made and continues to make Mastodon and decentralized social media possible. I appreciate all the developers, hosts, admins, members – all who are trying to move us away from corporate-controlled, exploitative social media platforms that foment outrage and contention for profit, and instead create safe, engaging online communities that foster communication and understanding.


#100DaysToOffload (No. 85) #tech #SocialMedia