A New Creative Outlet

You may have noticed my writing was pretty much non-existent in 2023. In recent months, I have found a new creative outlet in a rediscovered passion: music. Specifically, collecting physical media – vinyl, CDs, and cassettes – and playing music from my collection on live video streams on Twitch.tv.

I also have been playing musical instruments – Irish whistle, Native American flute, and recorder – live on-stream.

Feel free to check out newfangled.live, my new website for this project. Or you can go directly to my Twitch page and follow me there.

My first stream was in September 2023 (on Labor Day) and I have been streaming several times a week since then. It has been an amazing experience so far, and I plan to continue and evolve this endeavor for the foreseeable future.

I may eventually start a blog related to this new project and will make sure to post about it if and when I do.

#music #retro