Time to Offload

When I saw this post in my Mastodon feed, I thought it sounded like a good way to motivate me to start writing blogs again and develop a habit of writing consistently.

I was already familiar with the basic idea of 100 Days to Offload and have seen the hashtag pop up here and there across the Fediverse. But for some reason this post – and the info page it linked to – got me thinking about taking the challenge myself.

I used to write a lot more. But for some reason I got the idea into my head that I don't have anything interesting to say, so why bother? I'm realizing, though, that I need to write for writing's sake. Not to try to be interesting or popular.

I just need to write.

I have so many thoughts and ideas jumbled around in my brain and writing is a way for me to organize and make sense of them – if only for my own benefit.

Another struggle I've had with writing the past couple years is that some of the things I want to write about are controversial. Things like the COVID-19 pandemic, or cultural and social problems I see in my community and what I feel we can do to address them.

To be completely raw and honest, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that sharing my thoughts and opinions on these controversial issues – even in the most diplomatic and thoughtful and non-confrontational ways possible – might have real-life negative consequences like offending others, causing or deepening rifts between family or community members, or even jeopardizing my employment, negatively affecting my ability to serve in my church, etc.

Maybe I will work up the courage to address some of these topics. Or maybe such things are best left to a personal journal so my posterity, at least, will understand where I'm coming from. I'm going to have to wrestle with this a bit and decide what to do.

Regardless, there are plenty of benign, non-controversial, interesting (at least to me) things I can write about, too! I'm looking forward to seeing what my brain and fingers can come up with.

Have you been thinking about writing more? Why not take this challenge with me?

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