Time Management and Paper Planners

For some time now – years – I have felt the need to be more meticulous in my time management and planning.

I have been using iCloud calendars for years to keep track of individual and family events and schedules, and it's certainly been better than nothing. But as I try to scale back and perhaps eventually eliminate my personal smartphone use, I am going to need to find other means of managing my time.

From December 2000 to December 2002 I lived in Brazil serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Smartphones didn't exist, and PDAs like the PalmPilot were expensive. We used paper planners to plan out our days and weeks in 30 minute increments. It was one of the most productive and efficient periods of my life.

I came across a post on the Moving Offline blog by Jose Briones that tipped me off to the existence of Moleskine daily planners. They're not like my old missionary planners, but I decided to order one anyway and try it out. I can always try something else if I determine this isn't what I need.

Better time management using paper planners is a foundational personal change I want to make in 2023. Foundational in the sense that I hope it will help me to stay accountable and on track as I make other changes to better align my behaviors with my values.


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