The 20-Year Wallet

I’ve been using the same wallet for nearly 20 years. I purchased it in January 2003 shortly after I returned home from my 2-year church mission to Brazil.

It’s made of leather and it’s an accordion-style tri-fold, meaning it has three segments, two of which fold in towards the middle segment. But unlike most tri-fold wallets where the two outer segments fold in on the same side, this one has two outer segments that fold in on opposite sides of the middle segment. In the crease of one of the folds, there is a money clip for holding bills.

It’s definitely showing signs of wear, but it has held up remarkably well and is still perfectly usable.

My wallet is older than my marriage. I’ve had it nearly half my lifetime. When I bought my wallet, Facebook didn’t exist, Google was just a search engine, and smartphones weren’t even a thing.

I am sure I will get more years out of my wallet. And I don’t know what I’ll do when the time comes to replace it, because I haven’t seen any others quite like it. But it may be a moot point, because aren’t tech companies trying to make physical wallets obsolete?


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