Phasing in Rechargeable Batteries

I should have done it a long time ago, but the best time to start is now. Over the past year I've been phasing in rechargeable AA and AAA batteries as replacements are needed for household electronics and gadgets.

Things like remote controls, wireless game controllers, wireless keyboards/mice, flashlights, MP3 players (yes, I have a small one that operates on a single AAA battery), etc.

We were going through batteries pretty fast at times and it seemed like I could rarely find any fresh ones when I needed them. Now, we've got a couple of chargers and a stock of charged batteries ready to go. We also have some adapters that turn AA batteries into C and D batteries if we need them. When disposable batteries die, we replace them with rechargeable ones. When rechargeable ones die, we put them on the charger, grab some charged ones, and we're back in business.

That's a lot lest e-waste and a lot less frustration – no more hunting for batteries when we need them! It's a win-win.


#100DaysToOffload (No. 29) #tech #ewaste