My Old Laptop is Great

I've written several posts about how I acquired and got my current laptop working – a Dell Latitude E7470. It's several years old, but it's been running like a champ and has come into my possession at the perfect time, given my current hobby project.

I started a Mastodon instance this past weekend ( and I've been on it pretty much non-stop since then when I'm not working.

The past several days I've used my laptop for such tasks as:

Sure, I could have used my desktop, but then I'd have been stuck at the desk I sit at all day for work. It's been nice to sit at the dining room table or in the living room or on the futon in my home office while I'm doing all this Mastodon stuff.

Also, Pop!_OS has been a dream to use. It looks and runs great on this hardware and I'm very pleased with it.

Now with all the typing and writing I'm doing, I wish I had a phone with a physical keyboard...


#100DaysToOffload (No. 57) #tech #hobbies