Laptop, Then What?

I've been thinking about what tech-related upgrade I'll focus on after I get my laptop fully working (still waiting on one more part).

With any luck, I should get several good years out of the laptop. Between the laptop running Linux (Pop!_OS) and my desktop running Windows 10 (currently being used mostly as a HTPC), I have all of my PC bases covered.

I would love for my my next focus to be switching from an iPhone to Android, but every time I consider that I come to the conclusion that it would make my life more difficult, not easier. For example, my immediate family as well as my parents and siblings all use iPhones. Besides actual phone calls, iMessage and FaceTime are the easiest ways to keep in contact with them. Me suddenly not wanting to use these convenient, seamless services anymore is, frankly, not a good enough reason to force everyone else to switch to less-convenient (and inferior) alternatives for the privilege of communicating with me. I'm stuck with an iPhone for the foreseeable future.

I've been thinking about getting some decent recording equipment. Since I'm trying to get back into playing the clarinet, I thought it might be nice to try to record some songs or maybe get really adventurous and dub multiple parts.

I also want to find a small, but nice quality piano keyboard that I can put on my desk in front of my laptop so I can just play whatever and maybe also record some stuff.

I'm leaning towards the piano keyboard at the moment. We do have a nice Yamaha downstairs, but my son plays that most of the time and I want something more convenient.


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