Laptop Project Status

The battery I ordered for my Dell Latitude 7470 laptop arrived today. However, it didn't come with the cable needed to connect it to the motherboard. So I still can't use my laptop as an actual laptop until I get that cable. I ordered one and it should arrive next week.

In the meantime, I've put some Pop!_OS and System76 stickers on the lid and I ordered a few other stickers to put on it, and there are still a couple more I want to get. I'm probably going overboard with the stickers, but this is the first laptop I've ever put stickers on, so I'm going to make it count. I won't spoil it – I'll share a photo once all the stickers are on there.

In the meantime I'm getting accustomed to using my desktop as a HTPC and it's working pretty well. I've got my music and video libraries on there, now I need to get some retro video game emulators installed.

#100DaysToOffload (No. 47) #tech #hobbies