It's Alive! (My Laptop)

The RAM and SSD I ordered came two days earlier than expected! I just installed them in the barebones Dell Latitude E7470 I got earlier this week. The new battery is still en route, so it'll need to be tethered to the power cable for now. It looks like everything else works!

I installed Pop!_OS and will be getting that all set up and configured. And I must say, the display on this thing looks excellent. Trackpad and keyboard feel great. Everything feels responsive. Should be a nice little laptop!

Please excuse the desk clutter in the photo. I was actually in the middle of moving my desktop PC over to my office TV to use as a HTPC when I went to check the mail and was surprised by the early arrival of the laptop parts, so everything's askew at the moment. I'll have everything put away and organized soon enough.

I don't know what it is about tinkering with computers that is so satisfying. Sourcing parts, getting non-working machines up and running again. It's fun.


#100DaysToOffload (No. 44) #tech #hobbies