I Still Mail Christmas Cards

The past couple years I have been mailing Christmas cards to family and loved ones and I plan to keep doing so in the future.

I've probably only done so a handful of years out of the 17 years I've been married. It's easy to justify not continuing this tradition. Modern technology provides so many ways to wish someone a Merry Christmas. Why send a dumb old card when you can send someone an email, text, or instant message? Or even audio or video call them personally?

All of those methods are great, but I don't think they are an adequate substitute for a Christmas card. When most of the mail we get these days is bills, junk mail, etc. it's so nice to get something different.

When you get a letter, note, postcard, greeting card, etc. from a friend or loved one, it brings some joy to your day. That message, whatever it may be, is meant just for you. It represents the time and effort someone took to write, sign, put in an envelope, stamp, and mail that item to you. And these days, people do it not expecting anything in the mail in reply.

Christmas cards are extra special because they are full of “good tidings of great joy” that add to the magic of the season. We have a tradition of hanging these cards in a certain place on the living room wall as we receive them. They are a reminder that we are remembered and loved, to remember and love others, and to remember and love the reason we celebrate the season: Jesus Christ.


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