I Just Ordered a Unihertz Jelly 2E

I couldn't resist. I've been wanting to try the Unihertz Jelly 2E ever since I heard about it. It's already pretty attainable at a base price of $169.99, but right now it's on sale for $159.99 and Unihertz is also running a 10% off promotion. So I figured why not?

Little is the key word, here. It's a little phone and I hope to use it as little as possible in the ways that smartphones can be addictive. I've been wanting to wean myself off of smartphones for a while, and I'm hoping this device will be a step in that direction. I would need to be pretty desperate (or addicted) to want to use a phone with a 3” screen (the original iPhone had a 3.5” screen) for web browsing, social media, messaging, videos, etc. But I will still be able to take advantage of features like maps, music apps, and even snapping occasional photos.

I'm looking forward to trying it out and sharing my thoughts and impressions about it.


#100DaysToOffload (No. 90) #tech #DigitalMinimalism #intentionism