How Many Computers Do I Need?

For several months I made do with only a desktop. Now I also have a laptop (again). But do I really need both?

Having a laptop again has reminded me of how nice they are in terms of flexibility and portability. Yet I also like the desktop's power and ease of repairs and upgrades. But analyzing my tech use after obtaining a laptop, the only things I use my desktop for on a regular basis are light gaming (dedicated graphics) and data storage (2 TB HDD). Everything else – writing, communication, web browsing, etc. I prefer to do on my laptop.

I'm really feeling the need to consolidate and scale back on the technology I own, so I'm considering getting a laptop with dedicated graphics to replace both my desktop and current laptop. I already have several easy external storage options to take care of any data storage needs.

I would probably get a refurbished laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics, as I don't need anything more than that for my gaming needs. Every so often I get back into more intense gaming, but eventually I step away from it again as I am reminded how addictive and time-consuming it is. Not having the latest and greatest dedicated graphics will be another way to help curb the addiction while still providing for some gaming once in a while (right now I only play Minecraft).

I'd sell my current desktop and laptop to offset the cost of the nicer laptop.

And I should probably go through all the stuff in my office, purge the stuff I don't need, and reevaluate the stuff I do use to determine if I can minimize it.


#100DaysToOffload (No. 87) #tech #intentionism #DigitalMinimalism