Clarinet Repairs Needed

Yesterday evening I started practicing some scales on my clarinet and something felt off. I discovered that one of the key mounts was loose and negatively affecting the function of several keys. I could try to repair it myself, but I'm no expert and wouldn't want to make the problem worse or break something else inadvertently. Also, it's been a very long time since I had my clarinet serviced by a proper repair technician who checks all the corks, pads, screws, etc. to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. It's probably best for me to take it in for repairs and maintenance before I start seriously playing it again.

So now I have to find a reliable repair person or shop with a good reputation, and that's not always easy, especially living in a semi-rural area.

Years ago when I lived in Phoenix and played the clarinet every day, I found a reliable musical instrument repairman through word-of-mouth. He worked out of his home and was among the best at what he did. I need to find another guy or gal like that.

This is just a little setback. I am going to try to be persistent and get back to playing again, whatever it takes.


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