Aggressive Drivers

I drove over 1800 miles in the past week, and I feel like I witnessed a lot more aggressive and careless driving than usual.

Maybe it's just my perception, maybe I was just paying attention more than I have in the past, but driving from Northern Utah to Phoenix, Arizona and back I saw quite a bit of craziness on the road.

Both Arizona and Utah had their fair share of people who seemed to think they were playing Gran Turismo, but we hit rush hour along the Wasatch Front (the I-15 from Provo to Ogden) and that was the absolute worst.

For example, I wasn't going slow, by any means. I always try to go with the flow of traffic. But it didn't matter how fast I went, someone always wanted to go faster and was determined to make that point in dramatic fashion.

My car has adaptive cruise control, which means it can automatically adjust the speed to maintain distance between the car in front of me. In other words, when I have adaptive cruise control activated it won't go faster than the car in front of me. That's a good thing, because I don't want to crash.

On several occasions someone would determine that I was driving too slow, pass me, and immediately cut in front of me to teach me a lesson. Only to discover that it was the car ahead of me that was going too slow.

I recently read an article about Utah drivers being the worst in the nation. From what I saw on this most recent road trip, I can't disagree.


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